Differences between Rubber Flooring and PVC Flooring

Nowadays many people are confused to choosing when it comes to decoration flooring. Some people prefer choosing the rubber flooring, and other tend to the PVC Flooring. What differences between rubber flooring and PVC Flooring:

1.Material and technology

Rubber flooring is made from original or synthetic rubber pressed into single or multi-layers through vulcanization technology while the PVC Flooring is made from polyvinyl chloride through coating technology.


For rubber, the color is single and simple, because most rubber flooring is with the characteristic of dye absorption, which is not suitable for colorful effect room. However, the PVC Flooring is colorful such as wood, stone, pure color, etc.


Rubber flooring is more resistant and usually widely used in airport, railway station, Gym, etc. What’s more, because of being expensive, market is limited. Although PVC Flooring is not as good as the rubber on wear-resistance, PVC Flooring is cheaper and market is larger.


Post time: Jun-07-2018
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