The best fitness process I


Early warming up can stretch the muscles and joints of all parts of the body, make the muscles shrink more efficiently So it is a must to warm-up before fitness.

Warm-up exercise does not take long and heavy weight, it can start with easy aerobic exercise, and 5~10 minutes sweating slightly.

For example: treadmill, elliptical machine, dynamic bicycle and so on, and finally do some stretching.

*Start to work out

General fitness programs are divided into aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise. It is recommended to have anaerobic first. In addition, according to different fitness purposes, time allocation and training programs are also different.

For examples, if want to lose fat, it’s better for you to take 30% of total time for anaerobic exercise and 70% for aerobic exercise.

*Time of training

The best exercise time is 1 hour, whether it is increasing muscle or reducing fat. With the increase of skill and strength, the time can be adjusted slightly, but it is best not to exceed 2 hours, and the rest time between the action groups should not exceed 90 seconds.

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Post time: May-04-2018
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