The best fitness process II


During the process of exercise, you will lose a lot of water and feel thirsty. At this time, a small amount of water can be added, but not drink too much at once. If you feel weak, you can appropriately replenish glucose or other sports drinks.


After fitness

Just as warm up, it is also very important to stretch after fitness. Not only to shape the perfect muscle lines, but also to avoid muscle stiffness caused by the injury. About 10 minutes static stretching will be OK.

Meal after training

You can choose more digestible protein and carbon water, such as protein powder, milk, bananas and so on. In addition, a small amount of meal does not affect fat reduction.


Take a shower

It is advised to take a rest for about 30 minutes after exercise. After the body is restored to the state before fitness, take a bath near the body temperature.

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Post time: Jun-01-2018
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