Winter Rubber Floor Construction Precautions

Rubber flooring is a new type of environmentally friendly flooring, because of its non-slip wear, weather resistance and better temperature resistance to meet the needs of different places. So in the market has been well received by everyone, then, in the winter pavement rubber sheet flooring, we should pay attention to what?

Winter gradually reduce the ambient temperature, the outdoor temperature in the north has reached 0 degrees below, in order to better complete the construction tasks, here for everyone finishing some winter pavement rubber tiles matters needing attention so that we can better complete the construction requirements.

1. First, measure the ground temperature at the construction site, such as below 10 ° C, never construction

2. Before and after 12 hours of construction, take necessary measures to keep the room temperature above 10 ° C

3. If the construction on the cement floor, to test whether the ground humidity compliance (<4.5%)

4. Store the adhesive in a warm place prior to construction, which is good for the adhesive’s construction performance

5. Rubber flooring to be placed in the construction environment for more than 24h, to adapt to the ambient temperature, and the need to pre-laying

Post time: Jan-15-2018
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