Post time: 03-20-2018

    DOMOTEX Asia/CHINAFLOOR is the leading flooring trade exhibition in Asian Pacific and the second largest flooring trade exhibition worldwide. As part of the DOMOTEX shows’ group, DOMOTEX Asia/CHINAFLOOR is mainly targeting the emerging Asian markets. In 2018, the 20th edition of DOMOTEX Asi...Read more »

  • 2018 Happy Lantern Festival
    Post time: 03-02-2018

    Lantern Festival is a China’s traditional festival. It is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month of the lunar year. Lantern Festival is one of the biggest holidays in China. Several days before Lantern Festival, people begin to make lanterns. Lanterns are made in the shape of di...Read more »

  • 2018 Happy New Year
    Post time: 02-09-2018

    2018 Chinese New Year falls on Feb. 16. It is the Year of the Dog according to Chinese zodiac. It is a great chance to experience the folk customs! What do we need to do before the Spring Festival? Before the Spring Festival, every family will have a thorough house cleanup and go for festival ite...Read more »

  • Another Option-Rubber Outdoor Flooring
    Post time: 01-25-2018

    Most people associate rubber flooring with indoor applications such as gyms and garages.They often overlook the fact that rubber possesses certain physical qualities that makes it a great material for use as outdoor rubber flooring. Use the rubber floor in the outdoor to better waterproof and an...Read more »

  • Top Joy Group Germany DOMOTEX Hannover Exhibition 2018
    Post time: 01-15-2018

    Domotex Hannover is one of the most professionally organized trade shows in Germany, dedicated exclusively to the architectural designing and floor covering industry. The show provides attending exhibitors get in touch with a large number of prospective buyers, thereby boosting up their overall s...Read more »

  • Winter Rubber Floor Construction Precautions
    Post time: 01-15-2018

    Rubber flooring is a new type of environmentally friendly flooring, because of its non-slip wear, weather resistance and better temperature resistance to meet the needs of different places. So in the market has been well received by everyone, then, in the winter pavement rubber sheet flooring, we...Read more »

  • Swisstrax Recycled Rubber Floor Tiles
    Post time: 01-04-2018

    Swisstrax brings recycled rubber floorboards made from discarded tires to the market and continues to pursue its goal of becoming an environmentally friendly manufacturer and supplier of floorbars. June 17, 2010 – Indiana, CA – Wisconsin is at the forefront of developing technology to...Read more »

  • Rubber Mat Helps Improve Fire Safety
    Post time: 12-21-2017

    London-VIP-Polymers Ltd. recently disclosed details of a collaborative project to manufacture a new low smoke low toxicity natural rubber seat system for use in the London Underground. The development project, for Entrance Matting Systems Ltd., involved close cooperation by specially selected par...Read more »

  • Why Loves Top Joy Rubber Flooring?
    Post time: 11-09-2017

    Many people love rubber flooring owing to excellent performance. Why? *Be Suitable for heavy equipment under: Rubber flooring provides a soft surface, which is also low maintenance, requiring only a mop and natural cleaner to be occasionally cleaned. Because rubber flooring is durable enough to a...Read more »

  • Why Choose EPDM Rubber Mats at Kindergartens?
    Post time: 10-27-2017

    Now a lot of kindergarten outdoor playground are basically using EPDM mats. Maybe many people do not know why to choose it, just think it looks good. So why choose him? *Marble, ceramic tile ground flame retardant, but cold and hard, slip resistance is poor, the children play on the above is easy...Read more »

  • More Info You Need to Know About Rubber Flooring
    Post time: 10-27-2017

    You may think rubber flooring is reserved for gyms, playgrounds,school etc. However, it can be a great household flooring for high-traffic homes, too. Rubber tiles or sheets are durable, springy surface is forgiving on joints and comfortable underfoot.  Read more »

  • How to better protect children in the playground?
    Post time: 10-12-2017

    According to a large number of data, although the playground is designed for children’s activities, the park tour every year to lead children into the emergency room more than 20 million people were injured. Most of these injuries are caused by falling from the playground equipment. Why are...Read more »

  • National Day’s Holiday Notice
    Post time: 09-30-2017

    The Chinese National Day is coming. Top Joy will have a holiday from 1st October to 8th October. During this period, if you have requirements on rubber floor, please don’t hesitate to call or email us. It’s no problem. We are always here for you. Have a pleasant and safe holiday. Read more »

  • The Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival
    Post time: 09-30-2017

    Mid-Autumn Festival is also known as the evening, autumn festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, August Festival, August will, chase the moon festival, play month, worship moon festival, daughter festival or reunion festival. It is popular in many Chinese ethnic and Chinese cultural circles of the traditi...Read more »

  • 2017 Chinese National Day
    Post time: 09-30-2017

    All countries in the world have their own National Day, National Day in different countries of the festive way, as the traditional and customs of the differences, and different. So what are the customs in Chinese National Day? ★The lights knot color In the National Day, the enterprises and instit...Read more »

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