360 Series Rubber Tiles Create Personalized Gym

With the rapid development of the times, there are many gyms to pursuit individuality. The 360 multi-purpose rubber tiles are gradually becoming popular and quickly occupying the gyms.

The summer is coming, you will find that many young people take exercise in gyms.Young people are gradually taking part in Physical exercise. 360 multi-purpose rubber flooring can effectively attract the fitness person. It has also following advantages.

★Design: The surface of 360 rubber floor tiles has special design to adapt different fitness area. Not only looks beautiful, but also can stimulate people’s enthusiasm for the movement.

★Pattern: 360 series rubber flooring is based on professional bodybuilding movement design patterns, which can enhance the fitness effect and and keep health.

★Wear-resistance: 360 multi-purpose rubber floor tiles can endure the pressure of the machine. Commonly, the use life can reach six to eight years.

★Other excellent character: It also has anti-slip, anti-corrosion, non-reflective shock absorption and sound absorption etc.


More details:

Thickness: 15/20/25/30/40/50 mm (More than 20mm is suitable for weight room)

Size: 50*50/100*100 cm

Material: SBR and EPDM

Color: Black, Paint or Colorful EPDM Fleck


Post time: Mar-28-2017
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