5 Questions You May Have Before Buying Rubber Flooring

Q: What thickness of rubber flooring is used a lot in gyms? 

A: The standard in the industry is  3/8" thick or 5/16" thick material. 


Before most commercial gyms mostly used 1/4" material, but because of it is a bit thinner and can’t give enough protection from dropped weights, so it’s not used now.

Why 3/8" or 5/16" thick becomes popular? Because it has better performance in these area when it comes to a less than perfect sub floor.

The 1/4" requires the sub floor to be in good shape as it will show the imperfections more than the thicker floors.


Q: What about free weight areas?

A: Both our rolled rubber and interlocking tiles work great and are installed in many free weight areas. If you’d like to use something thicker, welcome to contact us, we will give you some suggestions as you requirement. 


Q: What colors are popular in gym?

A: Our rubber flooring ranges from solid black to custom blended colors. It’s easy for you to find the color that matches your gym. Solid black is the least expensive of all. Prices increase incrementally depending on the complexity of the color. The colors range from solid black to specked colors is from 10% to 95%.


Q: How do I decide what to choose?

A: Contact us by email or calling, we will help you find a suitable solution. Our goal is to provide you with the best service available when learning about or shopping for rubber sports flooring.

Email us tonyzhu@topjoygroup.com

Call us at +86 21 39982788 and we will

be happy to answer all of your questions.

Below are just a few of our standard colors. We can also combine various colors to match your requirement.


Q: How are the rubber flooring rolls and interlocking tiles installed?

A: It’s easy to install rubber roll flooring. With a full spread of adhesive, double faced carpet tape or in some cases can be loose laid.Q: How are the rubber flooring rolls and interlocking tiles installed?

Interlocking tiles are much easier to install. Just click them together without any adhesive or tape. 

Post time: Aug-13-2018
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