Best Specialized Horse Stable Rubber Flooring

The racecourse is a great place in many countries. Choose suitable flooring for place is also critical. Now we share a dedicated horse stable rubber floor with you. These rubber floorings are popular in many horses stable owing to it can give horses comfortable and warm surroundings to lay.

Top Joy horse stable rubber floor tiles are not only easy to clean the surface, such as feces, urine etc, but also beneficial to the health of the horse. Rubber floor has high elasticity and shock absorption, which can give a cushioning to horse when they are running, so that the damage rate can be reduced.

Our rubber floor can keep your horses comfortable while providing an attractive environment.



Thickness: 15/20/25/30/40/50mm

Size: 50cm*50cm/100cm*100cm

Material: SBR and EPDM

Color: Red, Paint or Colorful EPDM Fleck

Application: Horse Stable


The tech info as follows:



Surface density                                                         

600—900  kg/m3

Tensile strength                                                              

≥0.3 Mpa

Elongation at break                                                     

≥40 % 

Compressive deformation                                           

≤15 %


From +/-0.01 mm To +/-3.05 mm


From -40°C To 100°C


≥38 %

Flame resistance                                                         

1 grade

Water permeability                                                     

≥40 % 

Hot-air aging

Rate tensile strength                    

≤20 %

Rate elongation at break              

≤20 %


Post time: Mar-24-2017
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