Colorful Rubber Flooring Tiles for Playground

Playground is a place that children can enjoy sports and play games. It is important to ensure the safety of children. The rubber floor tiles are considered as excellent choice for playground. The benefits as following:


Design: The special designs of rubber floor tile create a perfect playground scene. The colorful patterns not only look more beautiful, but also attract many children to play. Customized patterns are available.

Safety: From the material point of view, it is made of virgin and green EPDM granules, which are non-toxic, non- formaldehyde and eco-friendly. The material is soft and can provide the cushioning force when they fall. Therefore, colorful EPDM rubber floor can greatly enhance safety and reduce the risk of injuries.

Durability: It has excellent durability and that can endure the wind and sun. Playground is very crowded. The good durability can extend the lifetime.

Sound absorption: Sound absorption of interlocking rubber floor can effectively reduce noise. It also can provide quiet and comfortable surroundings for children and around the people.

★Easy to install: It has the locks so that you can do it without others’ help. The simple installation can save time and money for you.


More details:

Thickness: 15/20/25/30/40/50 mm

Size: 50*50/100*100 cm

Material: SBR and EPDM

Color: Colorful EPDM Fleck

Post time: Mar-29-2017
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