Durable Walkway Rubber Floor Tile

Landscape engineering application is not only to take into account the visual effects, but also taking into account its protection of the application site. Today we will introduce a special product: walkway rubber floor tiles.

Top Joy rubber flooring is improved on the basis of the original. It is suitable for outdoor and can tolerate wind and rain. Rubber flooring is produced through a complex production process, it can not only meet the demand of customers a positive non-slip, but also to meet customer control of product prices. Positive anti-skid layer is not an ordinary rubber sheet. The production formula in accordance with the anti-ultraviolet point of view, add a certain amount of antioxidant materials, can effectively improve the use of products in extreme outdoor conditions.


It also has a great role is used as blind rubber tiles to help the blind can walk safely. The surface of rubber floor tile has different design, if you have requirements, we also meet you.

The specification as follows:

Thickness: 15/20/25/30/40/50 mm

Size: 50*50 cm/100*100 cm

Material: SBR and EPDM

Color: Black, Paint or Colorful EPDM Fleck

Application: Walkway


Post time: Mar-24-2017
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