How to Distinguish Good insulation Rubber Mats?

With the development of economy, enterprises and factories have gradually increased. There are many factories are also increasingly concerned about the safety of workers. Choose suitable floor for power plant to better protect workers from injuring. Insulation rubber floor mats are the best choice. How to distinguish good insulation rubber mats? You can distinguish from the following aspects.


When you get it, you should smell it first. The smell must not be too large. Otherwise, it will impact the regular work of workers. The smell too large explains that it contains too much secondary glue.

2.Tensile degree

The good insulation mats must be flexible. If you stretch the rubber mats, flexible and not broken, indicating that this is a good rubber mats.

If the insulation mats break when the stretch and bending, indicating that the raw material which added the recovery of plastic. This insulating pad has poor insulation and affects personal safety.

3.Pressure rating

You should do pressure level test for insulation rubber mats. If you use in power place, the pressure level test need to reach specified pressure rating. This is not ignored!


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Post time: Mar-21-2017
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