Pros and Cons of Rubber floor

Rubber floor is becoming more popular and used in commercial and residential, such as garages, personal gyms, playground, office, kitchens, laundry rooms and utility rooms etc.

The installation of rubber floor has two types, and that are gluing and interlocking the tiles. The interlocking rubber floor is easy to install and remove. Do you know the pros and cons of rubber flooring? We share it as follows.


1.The pros of rubber floor

Rubber floor is easy to install and remove for display and some activities. Low cost and save time to install. You can install it without others help.

The rubber floor is extremely wear-resistance and the use life can reach to ten to fifteen years. It can withstand high gravity from machines.

Excellent sound absorption can reduce the noise and not need other sound-absorbing tools. Moreover it is not impact for your neighbor. So it is suitable for private gym.

★Rubber floor is popular in gym owing to it has shock absorption. High elasticity and shock absorption can protect players and older people from injuring when they fall. So it can reduce the risk of impact injuries during vigorous training. Moreover, it can also reduce the stress on joints and muscle.

★Rubber flooring has anti-slip surfaces and that is a good choice for the bathroom. If you have elder people in family, the rubber floor will make your room safer.

★The moisture resistant, excellent insulator, fireproof and waterproof are the advantages of rubber flooring tiles


2.The cons of rubber floor

Rubber flooring finishes are dull and cannot be choice to be laid in living rooms, bedrooms and hallways. It is quite expensive.

★Rubber flooring is more expensive than other common rubber floor owing to the quality raw material and complicated production process.

★The rubber floor can’t be used in living room, bedrooms due to the colors of rubber flooring.





Post time: Mar-16-2017
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