The Customs of Ching Ming Festival

The Ching Ming Festival is also called Tomb-Sweeping Day, which is a traditional Chinese Festival, usually in the Gregorian calendar before and after April 5. Do you know customs about it? Now let’s learn it.

The custom of Ching Ming Festival is very interesting. It not only contain grave, ban fire, but also includes hikers, swinging, Cuju, playing polo etc actives.

1.Tomb Sweeping

The major custom is tomb sweeping. The Ching Ming Festival is spent honoring the dead, which is one of many ways good Confucians demonstrate filial piety. On this day, people visit their family graves to remove any underbrush that has grown. Then to offer them flowers and food and paper money.


During the Ming Dynasty, swinging was designated recreation on the Ching Ming Festival. According to the Annals of the Ming Court, this day was also called Swing Festival. Swing can not only play better health, but also develop courage, so far as the people, especially loved by children.

3.Eating Qingtuan

Eating qingtuan is also traditional customs. Many different stuffing can provide for you. It looks green and tastes sticky. Adults and children like eating it.


Outing is also called spring tour. It called the Tan-chun or look for spring in ancient times. Everything is recovery, which is also a good season for travel.

I wish you all a happy Ching Ming. If you have any questions about rubber flooring, welcome to contact us. We always serve you.

Post time: Apr-04-2017
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