The Rubber Floor Mats for Dogs

The pet dogs are gradually becoming our friends in our life. To create comfortable and safe surroundings is a wish for every pet owner. The rubber floor mats are the best choice for pet dogs.

Top Joy rubber flooring provides durability and nice appearance. It also used as pet mats, such as dogs, cat or other animal. The rubber flooring can not only provide cushion for animal paws, but against animal’s secretions.

Our rubber floor mats are easy to clean and maintain and can provide you a solution for many years.


1.Several advantages as follows:

1) Wear-resistance

The rubber floor is made of recycled rubber granules (SBR granules and colored EPDM granules), which is safe and environmental protection and wear-resistance.

2) Resilient

Top Joy rubber floor has excellent resilience and the test data is ≥38 %. It can provide cushion strength when they are running and protect the pet dogs from harm.

3) Easy to clean

Easy to clean and maintain can save some time and money to do other things. You need use clean water to clean. If necessary, you can also use mild detergent to clean surface.

2.The details as follows:

1) Material: SBR granules and EPDM granules

2) Thickness: 6mm-12mm

3) Size: Length: 10m-20m; Width: 1m-1.25m

4) Resilience: ≥38 %

5) Slip resistance: DS

Post time: Mar-23-2017
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