TopJoy Rolled Rubber Athletic Flooring

Though many rubber flooring company has been providing fitness flooring for the past years, more recent innovations in fitness & athletic training have forced the need to develop new flooring technologies in order to keep up with today’s performance demands, and with little thought being put into whether or not you are getting the best flooring solution for your specific application.

However, TopJoy will provide complete service for you, including design plan, products, installation guide, after sales service, etc.


TopJoy Rolled Rubber Athletic Flooring performs good, offers superior life cycle cost savings and enhances the appearance of your facility. A fabulous variety of available colors and chip size combinations enable you to design the perfect floor for your application. Rolls eliminate seams and afford a more practical and less expensive installation. It also has no VOCs, is sound and shock absorbent and is easy to maintain. 

If you have any questions or are ready to learn more how TopJoy Products can help with your athletic flooring needs, Contact us today!

Post time: Sep-03-2018
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