Why Choose the Rubber Flooring in Museum?

There are many rubber floorings to be used in commercial. Now it is popular in museums. Why so many people choose rubber flooring in museum?

The visitor of museum is not just included teenager, but also many old people and children. Therefore, the safety of the floor made a higher demand. The Top Joy rubber floor can fully satisfy security demand. Rubber floor can disperse and absorb the impact of energy and to avoid falling caused by knock injury, when encountered heavy pressure. Meanwhile Top Joy rubber flooring has excellent sound insulation effect, which can provide quiet environment to visit.

More advantages of rubber floor as follows:

1. High-strength flame retardant fire reaches to B1 level.

2. Good sound absorption performance, environmental protect, safe etc

3. High wear-resistance and the use life can reach eight to ten years.

4. Different and various colors provide a creative space for museum.

5. Extensive application place, such as museums, exhibition halls, science and technology museum, art museum.

6. Easy to clean and maintain.


Rubber flooring offers a comfortable and safe environment. And we believe that rubber flooring can be use in museums, exhibition halls and art galleries and other special requirement places in the future.


Post time: Mar-15-2017
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