• Four Things You Need to Consider for Commercial Rubber Flooring
    Post time: 08-10-2017

    Commercial rubber flooring has a wide variety of applications and is increasingly popular in schools, gyms and even offices. This durable rubber floor provides a comfortable cushion for exercise, play, standing and walking. It has a variety of colors that can be customized to create a unique look...Read more »

  • Black Rubber Flooring for Bathroom
    Post time: 08-03-2017

    The charming black and white interior offset the original metal and porcelain of the Franklin bathroom. High-quality black rubber flooring for the modern style laid the foundation, and that has a sound absorption and shock absorption to meet clients’ requirements. Franklin’s new Panmure sho...Read more »

  • How to create a comfortable gym for rubber flooring?
    Post time: 08-01-2017

    The rubber floor is one of the most popular choices for the gym. Do you want to know how to use commercial rubber tiles to make your customers well trained? ★Durability Rubber floor tiles have a variety of thicknesses. If you are used in the gravity area, we strongly recommend about 30mm. This le...Read more »

  • Natural Rubber Price Rose 12% in India
    Post time: 07-21-2017

    In India, supply of tense and indifferent growers to take the offensive to make natural rubber prices up 12% this month, surpassing global margins. Wednesday’s rubber prices touched Rs 140 per kg, up 12% from the beginning of the month. However, international prices fell by about Rs 27 per ...Read more »

  • Fall Protection Material—Rubber
    Post time: 07-14-2017

    If you want to choose an anti-fall floor, you need to know the commonly used material for this product. It is one of the good choices — rubber The rubber has a rugged surface that can provide high quality protection for many different movements. It has excellent flexibility, can increase th...Read more »

  • The Popular Questions of Rubber Flooring–II
    Post time: 07-03-2017

    Now, let’s learn popular problems with rubber flooring. ★Are samples available? We can offer free samples that meet your requirements. You can see the texture and specification. If you need it to decorate your home gym, playground, sports area etc, welcome to contact us. ★How are rubber floor s...Read more »

  • What is Best Exercise Room Flooring for a Home Gym?
    Post time: 06-28-2017

    Do you want to exercise at your home gym? Many people have already built home gym. Here are some advices. Creating a home gym doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. You just need to ready essential exercise equipment and low maintenance flooring. When referring to low maintenance floors, we...Read more »

  • The Popular Questions of Rubber Floor–I
    Post time: 06-23-2017

    Have you any questions about the rubber flooring? Here are some popular questions. If you don’t find the question or answers you are looking for, please directly contact us. ★Can the rubber floor be installed over carpet? This is one of the most popular issues. It can install over a hard surface...Read more »

  • The Type of Rubber–II
    Post time: 06-21-2017

    We shared some knowledge about type of rubber before. Let’s keep learning now. 1. Butyl rubber (IIR) It is a copolymer of isobutylene and a small amount of isoprene or butadiene. Advantages are good air tightness, ozone resistance, aging resistance, heat resistance and good electrical insu...Read more »

  • The Type of Rubber–I
    Post time: 06-14-2017

    Do you know the type of rubber? Where are they mainly used? Now share some knowledge of rubber types with you. 1.Natural Rubber (NR) It is mainly rubber hydrocarbons (polyisoprene), containing a small amount of protein, water, resin acid, carbohydrates and inorganic salts. Features are as follow...Read more »

  • Four Best Uses of Rubber Floor Mats
    Post time: 06-02-2017

    Rubber floor mats can be widely used in commercial and residential. Here are four best uses. ★Gym No matter if you want to cover whole area with interlocking system or create home gym with longer roll mat, the gym rubber floor mats can meet you. It can provide excellent shock absorption, elastici...Read more »

  • China Dragon Boat Festival
    Post time: 05-30-2017

    The Duanwu Festival is also called the Dragon Boat Festival. It is an ancient Chinese traditional festival, celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. For thousands of years, various celebrating activities are held all around the world. Eating zongzi and racing dragon boats are the mos...Read more »

  • The Most Versatile Flooring Option—Rubber Flooring
    Post time: 05-24-2017

    Rubber flooring is very popular in the world. Why? Because its unmatched versatility. It has become popular for their use in some commercial areas. It has widely extensive application from playgrounds to gyms to public areas. We have various designs and colors for different areas. Rubber tiles ne...Read more »

  • The Pros Tips about Basement Rubber Floorings
    Post time: 05-23-2017

    When you are trying to install floors for your basement, rubber floorings is a good choice. Why? Basement rubber flooring is easy to install and made for DIY homeowner. Various shapes and sizes meet your requirement. You just install it without extra installation to hold them. Rubber floor tiles ...Read more »

  • Four Sustainable Surfaces for Playground
    Post time: 05-19-2017

    The playground is an entertaining public place. The choice of playground floor is critical. Here are four sustainable surfaces for playground. ★Rubber Sheet Flooring Rubber sheet floorings are popular in playgrounds owing to various colors and patterns. It can install any level sub floor. Rubber ...Read more »

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