• Processing of Rubber Flooring Raw Materials
    Post time: 05-11-2017

    Do you know the processing of rubber flooring raw material? Do you know applications of rubber? Here is some information about it. ★Process raw rubber The unprocessed rubber is few useless. It becomes brittle when cold and has bad smell and stickiness. Therefore, it is necessary to combine the pi...Read more »

  • Recycled VS. Virgin Rubber Gym Flooring
    Post time: 05-11-2017

    There is a lot of confusion about the virgin rubber recycled rubber. Now let’s learn it. ★Recycled Rubber In fact, recycled rubber is waste tires. Lots of rubber gym flooring is made of it. It has many advantages. First of all, the price is cheaper than natural or synthetic rubbers. Second, it re...Read more »

  • How to Create Home Rubber Playground Surface?
    Post time: 05-09-2017

    Many public playgrounds are using rubber floor tiles that provide a cushioned protective surface for children. I am sure that you have seen this surfacing at your children’s schools. In fact, you can create the DIY home rubber playground surface. It is easy to install. The installation procedure ...Read more »

  • Vinyl Floor VS. Rubber Flooring
    Post time: 05-05-2017

    Vinyl flooring and rubber flooring are popular. They can both use in commercial and residential. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of rubber and vinyl to help with your decision. ★Rubber Floor 1). Advantages: Rubber floor has many benefits, such as sound absorption, shock absorption, com...Read more »

  • Labor Day’s Holiday Notice
    Post time: 04-28-2017

    The Chinese Labor Day is coming. We will have a holiday from 29th April to 1st May and come back to work on 2nd May. During this period, if you have requirements on rubber floor, please don’t hesitate to call or email us. And now we have sales promotion about rubber sheet. Customers who place an ...Read more »

  • Five Myths on Foam PVC and Rubber Floor
    Post time: 04-28-2017

    Many people must have some misconceptions about rubber PVC and foam. There are several points to share with you. ★Can rubber floor be used in sports court? It is true to use in athletic flooring applications. Rubber flooring is also an excellent choice for gym, which can support heavy weights an...Read more »

  • Can You Use Rubber Gym Floor Over Carpet?
    Post time: 04-28-2017

    Can you use rubber gym floor over carpet? This seems to be a lot of people confused. Here are some points about it.   1.Plush Carpet 1) Rip out the carpet If you have plush carpet, we won’t recommend using the rubber gym floor over it because it is unstable and you could seriously injure yourself...Read more »

  • Sales Promotion for Rubber Floor
    Post time: 04-25-2017

    Top Joy’s 7th anniversary celebration is coming. In order to feedback old and new customers, the ones who will place an order from May 1st to May 31st can enjoy discounts. The promotion products includes rubber rolls, rubber tiles, rubber running track and interlocking tiles. They can use in gym,...Read more »

  • The Best Flooring Choice for Gym
    Post time: 04-21-2017

    If you make a space, the home gym is a great investment. Not only add the elegant demeanor for your home, but also is benefit for your health. A good floor will be benefit for exercise. Rubber gym floorings need to be easy to clean and maintain and durable. Moreover, it can deal with sweat and dr...Read more »

  • Four Major Questions of Rubber Flooring
    Post time: 04-18-2017

    It is vital to find everything about it before buying a certain product. The choice of rubber flooring is the same. So you ought to try to evaluate the benefits. There are several questions as follows: 1.How long can the rubber floor be used? Rubber tiles are durable and wear resistant. They can...Read more »

  • One of the Rubber Flooring Materials——SBR Fleck
    Post time: 04-17-2017

    SBR (Styrene-Butadiene-Rubber) is an environmental friendly, which can use in playground, football court, walkways etc. And it become mainly material of rubber mat flooring owing to excellent elasticity, shock absorption and environmental protect. SBR fleck has two types (SBR Black Rubber Granule...Read more »

  • One of the Rubber Flooring Materials——EPDM Granules
    Post time: 04-14-2017

    EPDM granules are made of synthetic rubber, and that product a variety of colors. It is also one of the materials of rubber mat. Characteristic are as follows: 1.Chemical stability EPDM products have high corrosion resistance and excellent chemical stability, ozone resistance, heat aging resistan...Read more »

  • What Kind of Floor is Suitable for Bus?
    Post time: 04-14-2017

    Public transport safety is closely related to our life. The fire safety of buses is always a hot topic. It has high requirement to choose floor. What kind of floor is suitable for bus? ★Vinyl Flooring PVC flooring is a good choice for bus. Why? There are many passengers every day. PVC floor has e...Read more »

  • Easy to Maintain Rubber Floor for Kitchen
    Post time: 04-11-2017

    Do you want to choose the suitable rubber floor for kitchen? Many details of rubber flooring need you to know, such as material, pros and cons, install and maintain. ★Material: The virgin and natural rubber floor is from latex, the sap of rubber trees. And many people think that rubber floor is ...Read more »

  • Three Reasons of Choose Rubber Flooring in Airport
    Post time: 04-06-2017

    There are lots of people walking with luggage at airport every day. It has high requirement for floor. Rubber flooring is suitable for it. Why? Three reasons as following: ★Wear-resistance Rubber floor has high wear-resistance, which can bear high strength load and not shape ugly scratch. Excelle...Read more »

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