• The Customs of Ching Ming Festival
    Post time: 04-04-2017

    The Ching Ming Festival is also called Tomb-Sweeping Day, which is a traditional Chinese Festival, usually in the Gregorian calendar before and after April 5. Do you know customs about it? Now let’s learn it. The custom of Ching Ming Festival is very interesting. It not only contain grave, ban fi...Read more »

  • How to Refresh Rubber Flooring?
    Post time: 04-01-2017

    Rubber flooring is becoming more popular in commercial and residential. With extension of use’s time, surface stain is the main challenge. How to refresh rubber floor? ★Needed tools: Square Scrub Floor Machine Doodle Scrub Edging Machine Turf Pads ★Cleaning products Spartan clean by Peroxy Sparta...Read more »

  • What Kind of Flooring is Suitable for Wheelchair Users?
    Post time: 03-31-2017

    According to the World Wheelchair Foundation statistics, there are around one hundred million wheelchair users all over the world. Many factors influence their life. And the one of the factors is flooring. The improper flooring may be dangerous. So what kind of flooring is suitable for them? 1.L...Read more »

  • Options Rubber Flooring for Playground
    Post time: 03-31-2017

    Playground is a place where children can happily play. The good rubber floor tile can not only make children play happier, but also protect their bodies. Several different types’ rubber floor is suitable for playground. 1.Interlocking rubber floor tile It has vivid surface and that can appeal an...Read more »

  • Colorful Rubber Flooring Tiles for Playground
    Post time: 03-29-2017

    Playground is a place that children can enjoy sports and play games. It is important to ensure the safety of children. The rubber floor tiles are considered as excellent choice for playground. The benefits as following: ★Design: The special designs of rubber floor tile create a perfect playgroun...Read more »

  • 360 Series Rubber Tiles Create Personalized Gym
    Post time: 03-28-2017

    With the rapid development of the times, there are many gyms to pursuit individuality. The 360 multi-purpose rubber tiles are gradually becoming popular and quickly occupying the gyms. The summer is coming, you will find that many young people take exercise in gyms.Young people are gradually taki...Read more »

  • The Best Rubber Floor for Garage
    Post time: 03-27-2017

    When it comes to garage flooring, the rubber garage flooring is the best choice. Why? Top Joy rubber flooring is made of recycled SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) and colorful EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) flecks, which has high density and elasticity. ★ Durable If you want to change yo...Read more »

  • Durable Walkway Rubber Floor Tile
    Post time: 03-24-2017

    Landscape engineering application is not only to take into account the visual effects, but also taking into account its protection of the application site. Today we will introduce a special product: walkway rubber floor tiles. Top Joy rubber flooring is improved on the basis of the original. It i...Read more »

  • Best Specialized Horse Stable Rubber Flooring
    Post time: 03-24-2017

    The racecourse is a great place in many countries. Choose suitable flooring for place is also critical. Now we share a dedicated horse stable rubber floor with you. These rubber floorings are popular in many horses stable owing to it can give horses comfortable and warm surroundings to lay. Top J...Read more »

  • The Rubber Floor Mats for Dogs
    Post time: 03-23-2017

    The pet dogs are gradually becoming our friends in our life. To create comfortable and safe surroundings is a wish for every pet owner. The rubber floor mats are the best choice for pet dogs. Top Joy rubber flooring provides durability and nice appearance. It also used as pet mats, such as dogs, ...Read more »

  • How to Distinguish Good insulation Rubber Mats?
    Post time: 03-21-2017

    With the development of economy, enterprises and factories have gradually increased. There are many factories are also increasingly concerned about the safety of workers. Choose suitable floor for power plant to better protect workers from injuring. Insulation rubber floor mats are the best choic...Read more »

  • What Kind of Floor is Suitable for Electric Power Factory?
    Post time: 03-17-2017

    Rubber flooring has many excellent performances. One of the performances is good insulation, and that can be used in power plant. It can effectively block power supply and protect the worker from injuring. The rubber floor mat is used in factory. It has good sound absorption, high elasticity and ...Read more »

  • Pros and Cons of Rubber floor
    Post time: 03-16-2017

    Rubber floor is becoming more popular and used in commercial and residential, such as garages, personal gyms, playground, office, kitchens, laundry rooms and utility rooms etc. The installation of rubber floor has two types, and that are gluing and interlocking the tiles. The interlocking rubber ...Read more »

  • Why Choose the Rubber Flooring in Museum?
    Post time: 03-15-2017

    There are many rubber floorings to be used in commercial. Now it is popular in museums. Why so many people choose rubber flooring in museum? The visitor of museum is not just included teenager, but also many old people and children. Therefore, the safety of the floor made a higher demand. The Top...Read more »

  • How to Solve the Moist of Warehouse?
    Post time: 03-14-2017

    Now with the increase in product warehouse, there are many problems began to appear, such as moist, mold, difficult to maintain etc. It is important for warehouse to effectively maintain. Warehouse as Important storage room, there are many products are tightly placed in warehouse. It is easy to p...Read more »

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