• Why choose the rubber flooring?
    Post time: 11-28-2016

    The rubber floor is growing in vogue, both in commercial and residential areas. Why many people choose the rubber flooring? There are some reasons as follows: 1. The rubber flooring has high elasticity and foot feels comfortable. 2. The slip resistance is better compared to tile and other floor. ...Read more »

  • The Best Rubber Flooring for kindergarten
    Post time: 11-25-2016

    As a barrier between children and floor, it is playing a role in children’s safety. Our rubber flooring has not only moderate friction and elasticity, but has nice durability. The rubber floor becomes first choice for many kindergartens. ★Environmental protection: It is first requirement of rubb...Read more »

  • What is the construction technology of rubber flooring?
    Post time: 11-25-2016

    As living standard continuous improvement, we have many requirements for living environment. The rubber flooring is becoming first choice for lots of people. The rubber flooring is not only used to outdoor sports area, but also used to indoor, such as some public places. The rubber flooring’s usi...Read more »

  • How to identify the best rubber flooring?
    Post time: 11-24-2016

    There are many rubber floorings recent years. How to choose the best quality rubber flooring became an important question. The several ways as follows: ★Service: The good enterprise should have comprehensive service system, full experience and professional sales team. You can save some time and ...Read more »

  • How to clean and maintain rubber flooring?
    Post time: 11-24-2016

    We talked about the reasons of rubber floor will be dirty and knew clean and maintain on time are important for rubber flooring. It is not only increase of service life, but also become more clean and comfortable. We have several proposals as follows: 1. The clean rubber floor methods (1) Using ...Read more »

  • Why the rubber flooring will be dirty?
    Post time: 11-24-2016

    The rubber flooring has many advantages, such as wear-resistance, anti-slip, fireproof and so on. Owing to the nice elasticity, the rubber flooring will be dirty when you walk on it. The reason of rubber floor will be dirty is the pollutant. What is the source of pollutants? Now let’s see i...Read more »

  • The Benefits of Rubber Running Track
    Post time: 11-24-2016

    About the rubber running track, I convinced that you must see it, such as school, Olympics, kindergarten and so on. Did you think about reasons why choose rubber material flooring to be used in outdoor running track? The reasons as follows: 1.Weather resistance: The rubber running track is prod...Read more »

  • Rubber Flooring Tile for Horse Stable
    Post time: 11-24-2016

    The rubber flooring tiles are more and more popular among the horse stables. The rubber stall mats make horse stable cleaner. Moreover our rubber floor tiles have many types for your choice. Why choose the rubber flooring tiles to be used in horse stable? 1.Soft: The rubber flooring tiles are ma...Read more »

  • We are a team, we are a family
    Post time: 11-23-2016

    We hold the sports meet at the playground on Oct 15th, 2016. Owing to our efforts and got seven medals, including four gold medals and three silver medals. We are a team, we are family in the games process. Let’s watch the styles of athletes. We went to mogan mountain tourist area and xiazhuhu w...Read more »

  • What’s the usage for Interlocking Rubber Flooring Tiles?
    Post time: 11-22-2016

    As one of the easy to install and maintain rubber floorings, the interlocking rubber floorings have many uses. 1. Gyms: The interlocking rubber floorings are popular among the gyms. They are famous for anti-slip, insulation, wear-resisting, nice elasticity, shock absorption, sound absorption, ea...Read more »

  • Which rubber floor for garden?
    Post time: 11-21-2016

    About the rubber flooring tile for garden, I convinced that you must see it in many gardens. We have many different surface design and colors. Let’s learn it together. ★Material: The garden rubber floor tiles are produced of virgin EPDM granules or SBR granules. ★Specification: Our garden rubber...Read more »

  • Best Rubber Floor Gym for Weight Rooms
    Post time: 11-18-2016

    There are many people attach importance to the body health in modern life. The rubber floor is becoming an eco-friendly and safety floor. The rubber floor is used for commercial and residential. The rubber floor can provides a good barrier between. However which type rubber floor is suitable for ...Read more »

  • What are the 360 multi-purpose rubber floor tiles?
    Post time: 11-16-2016

    I convinced that you must know the rubber rolls and rubber floor tiles. They are usually used for gym, playground and basketball court. However for this 360 multi-purpose rubber floor tiles, they are combined with rubber sheet and rubber tiles. The multi-purpose rubber floor tiles have two layers...Read more »

  • Why many people choose the interlocking rubber floor tiles?
    Post time: 11-15-2016

    The interlocking rubber floor tiles have became popular among the clients. One of the biggest advantages is how easy to transport and store on an as needed basis. About the more reasons, let’s see it together. ★Installation: The interlocking rubber floor tiles are easy to install. You can do it...Read more »

  • The Rubber Rolls VS Rubber Tiles
    Post time: 11-15-2016

    For rubber rolls, I convinced that you saw it in gym, basketball courts and other sports area. About the rubber tiles, it is common in some walkway, garden, kindergarten and play area. However, how much do you know about detail of rubber rolls and rubber tiles? The one of advantages of rubber rol...Read more »

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