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Thank you Jesus thank you Lord
Maker of the eye let them see
Maker of the ear let them hear
Thank you Jesus thank you Lord

This is my experience after the lord pulled my lifeless body from death and breathed the breath of life into me, I have been freed from bondage and serve God in all things I do. I live to serve God. God has had me document my experience, the holy ghost in me and the wisdom of the bible, in the bible. I don’t study the bible.
The holy ghost in me physically moves me, my speech changes, my voice gets strained. I praise and worship God every day all day, my body moves during church service during song and speech, I have to leave the church to stop my body movements. Just thinking of good righteous things moves my body and brakes me out into spontaneous praise. I also get extremely relaxed, like a trance during some services, it varies depending on what’s be said or songs sung

I shall serve the lord forever and ever in heaven Amen

I am a new person, all my interest have changed, things I have never desired to do I find desire to experience, I enjoy everything I do, I am nothing without God.

This is my day to day Vlog of my experience with holy ghost, church, praise worship.

This is my walk with God who guides me in everything I do, confirms to me daily that I’m exactly where he wants me to be. Who is teaching me and preparing me for things to come. He continues to deepen my roots and strengthen my stalk. He has blessed me with vision of an eagle and energy of a young bull. I must observe and report on the state of things. God has a message to deliver to those willing to hear, Signs to show those willing to see
Thank you Jesus thank you lord
Praise and Glory forever and ever Amen

Post time: Jun-10-2018
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